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8 Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

8 Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

We all love a warm summer day. In a parked car, however, warm can accelerate to uncomfortably – even dangerously hot in minutes. When the outside temperatures rise into the 80s, your car’s interior can climb into the 100s over the course of a few hours.

How do you keep your vehicle from becoming an oven while you are away and cool it quickly when you return? Sure, there are always the costly adaptations of tinted windows and air-conditioned seats, but we’ve found a list of free, simple steps you can take to beat the heat.


Park in the shade.

The extra effort it takes to find a shaded spot on a scorching summer day will be worth it when you return to your car. If you will be away for an extended period, keep in mind not only where the shade is when you park, but where it will be later as the sun heads west.


Use interior sun shades.

These devices deflect the sun’s rays, helping to lower your car’s temperature. As side benefit, they also protect your vehicle’s interior from the damaging effects of those rays.


Put a towel over your steering wheel.

Place a towel over your steering wheel, seat belt buckles, etc. to keep them from being scalding hot when you return.


Crack your windows.

Even a small opening allows super-heated air to make its way out. (Hint: check the weather report, rain will ruin this trick!)


Use a solar-powered fan.

These devices, powered by the sun, blow hot air out of the car through cracked windows and exchange it for cooler outside air.


Position strategically.

If you can’t find a shaded spot and don’t have interior sun shades, park your car in the direction that gives the large front windshield the least sun exposure.


Switch your AC settings.

Most car ventilation systems have options for pulling in outside air or recirculating the air already in the car. When you first return to your vehicle, you’ll want to have it pulling in fresh air. After the car has cooled to a comfortable level, recirculating the cool air can be more efficient.


Open windows… and doors.

Instead of getting into your car, putting the windows down, and immediately beginning to drive, put the windows down but then open all the doors as well. Get out and allow for a few minutes of maximum ventilation before you hit the road.

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