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Car Buying Tips: The Best and Worst Times to Buy

Car Buying Tips: The Best and Worst Times to Buy

Timing is everything when it comes to buying a new car. But how do you figure out when to buy? These tips will help you get the deal you want at a price you can be happy about.

  • Shop early in the week to avoid the weekend crowds. Most consumers shop on weekends, meaning dealerships are full and salespeople are busy. By avoiding this you can ensure your salesperson’s undivided attention.
  • Make your offer late in the day. If you can catch your salesperson when they are anxious to get home it is more likely that they won’t want to spend as much time negotiating. If you already have a car in mind and are prepared to make a reasonable offer, you may be able to save yourself some time and money.
  • Dealerships have monthly and quarterly sales goals for their salespeople in order for them to reach certain bonus levels. If you are shopping at the end of one of these periods, a hungry salesperson trying to reach their sales goal may be ready to give you the deal you want.
  • Shop for a model that will soon be replaced by a newer version. For instance buying a 2014 model will cost you less if they are releasing a 2015 model of the same car. A dealer may be ready to give you a better deal on last years lingering models.

Worst Time to Buy

As springtime rolls around and consumers’ pockets are padded with tax refund checks, the deals may be scarce. Due to the surplus of consumers looking to purchase their next new car, dealers don’t need to offer the discounts they do at other points of the year to lure customers into buying.

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