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Don’t Panic If Your Brakes Fail

Don’t Panic If Your Brakes Fail

Having your brakes fail while driving can be terrifying. If you realize this is happening to you, remain calm and use these 10 steps from the National Safety Council to avoid injury of yourself and others.

1. Downshift immediately. Downshifting allows your engine to slow the car and potentially give you time to pull over safely. Try to shift smoothly to prevent a skid. Do not shut off your vehicle or shift into neutral, this will make you lose your power steering or engine braking effect.

2. Try using your emergency break. Whether your car’s emergency brake is a lever or pedal try using it to stop you car. (It isn’t a bad idea to test your emergency break at slow speeds so that you know how much stopping power it has for the future.)

3. Move to the right lane as soon as possible. Your goal should be to pull over to the side of the road as your vehicles speed slows. If it is necessary to change lanes do so as you normally would, cautiously while checking your mirrors.

4. Stay off the gas pedal. Use common sense and do not accelerate, your goal is to slow down your vehicle and stop.

5. Check your floor for obstructions. Check your vehicle’s break pedal to see if there are any object such as empty drink containers wedged behind it blocking use.

6. Know what type of braking system you have. If you have standard brakes pump them to build up the hydraulic fluid to get them working again. If you have antilock brakes your breaking system does this automatically so, press your foot firmly against the pedal in preparation for them to start working again if the problem is temporary.

7. Alert other motorists and pedestrians. Turn on your hazard lights and honk your horn if necessary to alert others that something is wrong and give you space.

8. If you need to hit something to stop aim for something favorably soft. Again this is common sense, aim for a fence or shrubs over a tree trunk, and be extremely careful of other human beings.

9. Stay calm. Follow these steps to safety and do not panic.

10. Call for help once you have safely stopped.

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