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Increase Your Vehicle’s Cargo Room

Increase Your Vehicle’s Cargo Room

After being stuck inside all winter with heavy storms, cabin fever may be hitting you hard. As the weather warms up and the snow melts you may be prompted to get out and hit the road with family or friends. Don’t ruin your trip with a claustrophobic car ride before it even gets started though.

We all know the feeling of being jammed in the middle seat with whatever gear you may be packing sticking out at you from all directions. These ideas will allow you to create a roomier riding experience for all involved, and ensure an enjoyable trip.


  • Removable roof racks add a lot of overhead space. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, these racks will allow you to strap several suitcases to the top of your vehicle without much work. Adding a cargo bag or some type of covering to this type of setup will allow your cargo to remain clean from any debris from the road.

  • Similar to roof racks, but for the rear of your vehicle, are hitch racks. These rigs can carry everything from bikes to cargo. They feature less carrying capacity than a roof rack but have less effect on your vehicles fuel efficiency. Unlike their rooftop cargo cousins, hitch racks are located behind your vehicle and take up less surface area exposed to wind, hence making no impact on your fuel efficiency.

  • Get the most storage space by investing in a tow behind unit. You will find every storage need from small trailers to large units that can carry everything plus the kitchen sink. You can even lock these units for added security – a bonus if you plan to stop for a long period of time and leave your vehicle unattended.


Enjoy your escape now that that weather is nice. We’re always here for you when you need us. Safe travels.

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