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It’s Time to Assemble Your Cold Weather Kit

It’s Time to Assemble Your Cold Weather Kit

With the arrival of autumn, freezing temperatures and snowstorms are increasingly likely. So is the potential for being stranded on the roadside while you wait for assistance. Make sure that you and your passengers stay safe and warm until help arrives by creating a cold weather kit.

Gather the following items and have them handy should the need arise.


Blankets– If your car (and therefore your heater) becomes inoperable, you will need to have another way to keep warm. Thick wool or wool-blend blankets are ideal for this purpose. Have one for each occupant at a minimum.


Folding shovel– In some cases, you can free your vehicle from a ditch or snowbank simply by moving some snow or dirt. Include a sturdy shovel with a folding handle in your kit.


Extra outerwear– Have extra coats, hats, and gloves available in case you are able to walk to safety but some of your passengers aren’t dressed for the trek.


Flashlight– Darkness comes early in the fall and winter months. Keep a flashlight with fresh batteries in your kit for use when you are changing a tire or for signaling other vehicles.


Cell phone charger– Cold weather drains device batteries especially quickly. A hand-crank charger can help you stay in touch with family, a towing company or police if needed.


Jumper cables– Like device batteries, car batteries are more quickly depleted in cold weather. Be sure to have jumper cables in your kit.


Food and water– Being stranded is bad enough. Being hungry and thirsty while you wait for help to arrive just makes the situation worse – especially for kids. A jug of water and some snack mix can provide welcome relief and reassurance.


Spare tire– While it is never a good idea to be without a spare, being without one in fall and winter can prove to be an especially bad decision. Be sure you have a properly inflated spare tire and the tools you need to change a flat.


First aid supplies– Your kit should include what you need to tend to minor injuries resulting from a car accident or from your efforts to get your vehicle back on the road.


Sand– The extra traction provided by even a small amount of sand on packed snow or ice can make all the difference in getting out of a slippery situation.


With any luck, you’ll never have to open your cold weather kit. But if at some point you do, you’ll be glad you took a few minutes to put it together.

Posted by admin / Posted on 20 Nov
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