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More Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

More Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

As the season of Winter is quickly approaching, it is important to remember to make sure your car is prepared for the hardships it may endure in the coming months. Driving in the winter can be dangerous for many obvious reasons- cold temperatures, snow, ice, darkness; the list seems to go on forever.

While not everyone gets the chance to get a “snow day” every time ample amounts of snowfall occurs, driving in wintry conditions don’t have to be as unappealing as they are made out to be.

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting tips to help you and your vehicle be prepared for any below-freezing situation Mother Nature decides to throw at you this Winter.


Autocraft Winter Weather Tip #1:

Get your car serviced now: No one wants their car to break down, especially in the cold of the winter. Before this becomes an option, take your vehicle to your mechanic for a through routine maintenance check to be sure your vehicle is in the best shape to face wintry conditions.


Autocraft Collision Winter Weather Tip #2:

Check your battery: When the temperature drops significantly, so does battery power. For gasoline-powered engines, it takes more battery power to start your vehicle in colder weather than in warm. Replacing your battery or making sure that it is in good condition will be a great benefit for you, than being stuck in the cold with a dead battery.


Autocraft Collision Winter Tip #3:

Check your cooling system: When coolant freezes, it expands, which could potentially damage your vehicle’s engine block. You can check your cooling system by making sure you have enough coolant in your vehicle, and that it is designed to withstand winter conditions. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for directions on how much coolant is necessary.


Autocraft Collision Winter Weather Tip #4

Fill your windshield washer: Check the level of windshield washer fluid, and replace any space to make sure your vehicle is full before the first big snowstorm occurs. Be sure to use high quality, “no freeze” fluid, and keep extra in your vehicle just in case.


Autocraft Collision Winter Weather Tip #5

Check your windshield wipers and defrosters: In winter storms, as in any storm, it is imperative that your windshield wipers work correctly. For the winter, consider installing heavy-duty wipers that will assist in removing heavy snowfall from your windshield. Be sure your front and rear defrosters work properly as well, as the cold outside and heat inside will quickly fog your windows.


Autocraft Collision Winter Weather Tip #6

Inspect your tires: If you plan to use snow tires, have them installed before a snowstorm hits. For your existing tires, ensure that they are properly inflated, the tread is sufficient, and that the rubber is in overall good condition. Check your tire pressure to make sure each tire is filled to its recommended inflation pressure.


Autocraft Collision Winter Weather Tip #7

Keep your vehicle stocked: Being prepared when cold weather strikes is extremely important. Always carry items in your car such as a snow shovel, brush, ice scraper, jumper cables, flashlight, blankets, and any other items you find necessary to have in case of an emergency.


Autocraft Collision Winter Weather Tip #8

Learn what to do in a winter emergency: Just like any vehicle crisis; knowing what to do in a winter emergency is key. Make sure to always stay with your car, don’t panic, put bright lights on if possible, and never run your car for long periods of time in an enclosed space.


Autocraft Collision Winter Weather Tip #9

Be safe: Always wear your seat belt and make sure your passengers are wearing theirs as well. Never use your cell phone while driving in dangerous conditions (or any condition) , and always be aware of yourself and your loved ones to be sure everyone is protected.

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