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Understanding the Rules of Car Repair

Understanding the Rules of Car Repair

You don’t have to know much about cars to understand the rules of car repair. Here are some key pieces of knowledge that will smooth your ride.


5 Methods of Overcharging at the Auto Shop

1.Add on repairs: Fixing your problem but also doing additional work that you don’t need.
2.Phantom repairs: Charging you for repairs they don’t do at all.
3.Bait and Switch: Advertising great specials, then pressuring you to buy more services once you’re in the door.
4.Periodic maintenance: Selling elaborate maintenance packages well beyond what the manufacturer recommends.
5.Warranty items: Charging you for work that’s covered by your warranty.


5 Ways to Find a Trustworthy Mechanic

•AAA-certified auto repair facilities: AAA-approved shops are required to offer members a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty on their work. All estimates are guaranteed and if you still have a problem, AAA will investigate your claim and resolve it. Use the link above or visit to find a member mechanic in your area.
•Automotive Service Association:: Another source of shops is the Automotive Service Association, ASA. It’s a voluntary membership organization. When shops join, they pledge to uphold high ethical standards.

•Automotive Service Excellence: This organization tests mechanics’ knowledge and recognizes “Blue Seal” shops, where most of the mechanics have earned their ASE certificate. Just be sure the individual tech you work with has earned certification in the type of repair you are getting.

•Better Business Bureau: If a shop joins the Better Business Bureau, that’s no guarantee they’re good, but it means they have pledged to uphold a code of ethics and if you have a problem, the BBB will mediate for you.

•CarTalk: Click and Clack have retired, but their hilarious talk show “Car Talk” continues. Car Talk listeners swap mechanic referrals with each other and there are now more than 30,000 listings on the show’s website, so you can check out what your fellow customers are saying. Just be sure to read between the lines in case shops have reviewed themselves!

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