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What to do after a car accident

What to do after a car accident

Tip 1: Be prepared before it happens

Make sure you have the following items in your car at all times:

  • Insurance information
  • Pen and paper


Tip 2: Once you make sure everyone is OK, call the police

Obviously the most important thing to be sure of is the health of all those involved in the accident. If necessary, call an ambulance, move to the side of the road, and always be in contact with the police to file a report – regardless of damage to either vehicle.


Tip 3: Call your insurance company and tell them where your car will be repaired.

Regardless of the severity of the accident, calling your insurance company as soon as possible will be very beneficial. Remember, you have the choice in where to have your car repaired. Be sure your collision repair shop guarantees their work.


Tip 4: Take photos

It is important to gather as much information as possible. Take photos of all areas of each car involved, write down the details of the accident, and get the contact information of the other drivers involved.


Tip 5: Don’t admit guilt

Although showing compassion and concern for those involved in the accident is encouraged, admitting fault or responsibility for the accident, even if you were at fault, should never be done. Avoid making it may seem you were at fault, as that may not be the case and should only be determined by the police.


Tip 6: Keep track of all repairs

Keep tabs on the status of your vehicle’s repair and make sure you always know what procedures are being done.


Tip 7: Treat parking lots like roads.

Accidents in parking lots are just as crucial as accidents that occur on the road and should be treated with the same process as an accident on the road.

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